Web Design

Our goal is to offer really good solutions, able to withstand few years, be cheap for maintaince and all at low as possible price.

Our solutions are based on CMS, always stable and most recent versions, with state of art technologies. Web design is fluid with content, tested for usability and makes visitors feel like at home. Content is edited by same standard, pictures are cropped, signed if you need so. After completion of website, you are able to check it and give all suggestion which we make and website is good to go and be set on hosting.

What's included:

Website based on CMS (Content Management System), with unlimited ability to add or change content. *

Unlimited adding of pictures or videos in products or services. **

Easy categorization of content by using categories and subcategories.

Adding google maps, and changing way it's shown.

Highlighting of chosen products on several places on website. ***

Setting time to last and expiry time for products, services or actions.

Integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +)

Short course of website administration (2x2h) for your employees.

Other options

Integration with email campaign system.

E-commerce (shopping cart, payment).

Multi criteria search.

Coupon system.

Community system (around 90% of Facebook options).

Group buy system.

Event organization with ticket generation.

For anything else, make a query, everything can be done.

* If you need so, we can insert all content instead of you. Price is based on number of working hours.

** Usual web hosting plan is enough for more than 1000 products with for etc. 15 photos. Video material is not limited by space because it's hosted on youtube, vimeo or similar websites. We also offer all kinds of web hosting.

*** Our websites at start offers more than 20 positions for offers, contact details, banners or whatever.